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Gen Con 2018

Wow! WOW! Gen Con was huge. We’re not going to pretend everything was perfect, and we’ve already seen the news from ConTessa. There’s some decisions we’ve got to make as a result of things like that. We’ll let you know as soon as we do some soul searching. In the meantime, we’ve got some huge…

That There Mailing List

You might have noticed that there’s a pop up on the website. One that directs you to signing up for a mailing list. We haven’t talked about this a lot yet, but our goal is for Broken Things to be a viable and ongoing project that can help us pay our bills. Part of that…

Broken Things Podcast: Episode 6 Star Wars

We return to Hyperion Squadron. Fresh off of their first ever mission being far more successful than planned, they head off to trade in their space ship for a better one. A fancier one. They have a heist to steal a Baudo for the next stage of their plans for rebellion against the intergalactic Empire.…


That’s the name of the game for us this week. We’re reaching out to reviewers, podcast folk, whoever. Our first big project to come to Kickstarter is Builders! a tabletop card game. We’ve already got a few reviewers lined up. In Builders! you are competing for the biggest building contracts in the city. Best company…

Post Origins 2018

Wow. WOW. The folks are Origins are almost too much. In a good way! Everyone we saw was supportive, positive, and all around amazing. All of our projects found people who loved them, and we can’t wait to keep sharing with the world. If you stumbled across our website after meeting us at Origins –…

Broken Things Podcast: Episode 3

Continuing to test the 2nd Edition of Eclipse Phase, Tyler gets behind the GM screen. Two random people from cold storage are pulled into a Firewall plot after the original team disappeared. Then they find out that most of their time has to be spent just figuring out how to deal with the new economy.…