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Builders! is a deck-builder where you’re trying to build the tallest, and most valuable, skyscrapers in the city. During your turn you will uses the cards in your hand, Employees, to buy more cards from the market. They could be additional Employees, to make your deck better, for Floors that you can build in your plaza.

Employees are the cards that make up your deck, giving you the resources that you need to either your your own Floors, or to tear the Floors that other people have down. Some specialize at building certain types of buildings, others help you hire more people to your deck, and still more have other special abilities.

As soon as you build a Floor, you’ve got a Building. Multiple Floors can be stacked to build a higher Building, getting you more points in the process. Doing so puts you at risk of jealous competitors tearing your stuff down, or an unfortunate visit from the Building Inspector.

The game ends based upon the number of Floors in play (8 for 4 players, 9 for 3 player, 10 for 2 players). At that point players determine their end score by adding the value of each Floor they have built, the height of each Floor, and any additional Value they may have added through other Floors creating buffs or advantages. The player with the highest cumulative value wins!

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