Broken Things

We make games. We tell stories. We draw pictures. In short, we create things.
We’re  a group of creatives working together to make a bigger impact on the world than we ever could alone. Our group has experience working on games including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hudson and Brand, and more. The team includes everything from game designers, to writers, to graphic designers and illustrators.
Cameron Parkinson is a game designer from Canada. With half a dozen games that he’s worked on including Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game and Albion’s Legacy (runner up for several Cardboard Clash Awards), he has continued to push for compelling game design. A member of the Metis Nation of Ontario, he has recently been part of a push for more inclusivity in games of all kinds. When not designing games, he can be found obsessing over his latest interest whether it be anime, giant mecha, or something else entirely.
Maud “good good art boi” Croal is the lead artist for Broken Things. With a background in character design and art for a plethora of online games, the transition to board games was a logical step. Especially with how terrifying it is to sit across from Maud at a gaming table. If you want to check out more work, check out
Tyler Omichinski is a writer and game designer from the wilds of Canada. He’s been on the team of two Ennie Nominated games (Little Heroes and Hudson and Brand) and has worked for over a dozen different game design companies. He lives with his partner and a gigantic black dog. If you want to learn more, check out his work at