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In Inspire, you play a spirit. The kind of thing that may one day become a god. Those other people around the table with you? Maybe they’re going to end up being on the same pantheon as you. Someone needs to be at the top of this pecking order though. That’s what you’re going to find out as you shape the first generations of this community, each spirit trying to be the one who saves the day, and ultimately become the head of your pantheon.

As a Spirit, in the absolute most classical sense, you’re going to have to start with determining what you’re the spirit OF. That can be the nearby brook that gives life to the village, or the spirit of the nearby mountain, or even something increasingly esoteric. Either way, you’re also going to have to choose an element that goes with you. Each suit of the card deck will go with an element, and you’ll be stuck with one for the entirety of the game.

Each round, a challenge will be posed to the Village, based upon a card being drawn from the top of the deck, and each of the Spirits will propose a way to resolve it. Resolving if there is a contest of wills over an issue is done through playing cards, with your own element serving as a tie-breaker. Whoever wins is able to convince most of the community to back them, and they will change the world that the community lives in.

Coming soon to Kickstarter.