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Announcing Extra Credit Magic Knights

In case you missed it, our next game is already up on BGG! Builders is currently in its manufacturing run so I’m ecstatic to announce our next project. We should have some sneak peeks of in progress art and other pieces for you very soon!

Extra Credit Magic Knights is a cooperative, medium-weight, game where each player takes on the role of a Magical Knight tasked with defending the city. Drawing inspiration from Mahou Shoujo and other anime, you get to take on the role of a teenager forced to balance school, living your normal life, and saving the world from destruction at the hands of the Dark Knights and their monstrous allies.

Each game you generate a character from an Ability and a Source of your power. You can then even coordinate with others to get a costume that synergizes to give you that extra edge in combat.

Each of you needs to balance your Grades, Skill, and Fun, with bonuses for getting them high and terrible ramifications of them getting too low. You’re going to need teamwork and friendship to have a chance!

Each week you start your plan of what you’ll be doing, only for Events to arise partway through planning, potentially interrupting your plans. Manage your resources, plan for the unexpected, and prepare yourself to do battle against the dreaded enemies.

The Monsters, Events, Magical Girl Abilities and Sources, and the Dark Knights are randomized every time you play, allowing for countless possibilities!