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Banking, Freelancing, and Game Design

That’s what was on the docket this week. Creating bank accounts, sending money internationally, all that less than exciting jazz. The other part of running a business in the creative field.

It was weird. Because of our relatively modest Kickstarter, the bank was already trying to loan us money. I know it is their business, their purpose is to try to loan us money at interest rates that make them more money. It was a good meeting.

The majority of MY time (Tyler, one quarter of the team) has been on this business side of things lately. Talking to printers, planning budgets, and more. That side of things. It requires a great deal of attention, and one of the dangers is always how easily that can become all that you do. My fear, to quote Neil Gaiman, is becoming a person who “professionally answers emails, and occasionally writes” (or designs games, in my case).

I think that’s always a danger though, for any creative business. It goes through ebbs and flows where you need to make the decisions of building the business or doing the business. Seeking that balance between creating the next project, and between ensuring that the business runs well.

I don’t have a good answer this week, or a good takeaway. My week right now, my current solution, is just to throw more hours at it. And that’s all I have right now.