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On Kratoan City Blues

You might’ve noticed that we have a new podcast series up, this one an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons setting. It was from the originating point of sometimes the most interesting stuff going on in a particular world is to look at the ongoing challenges that exist for the day to day. Rather than the stereotypical party, who gets to leave the city after the adventure, this keeps the lens focused on the place where it was to work through the aftermath.

Thus, we have Kratoan City Blues, a city that so recently has been through an attempted revolution. The city itself is ruled by powerful, nearly immortal, wizards. They are so focused on studying the arcane, on quantifying and controlling it, that they care little for the world around them. The city that has sprung up in their laps while they focused on other things.

A city that was in chaos. That now needs a city watch. One that keeps the peace, one that responds to the people. The wizards do not care about the day to day of a city is like. They care about having the place run smoothly. About being protected from adventurers who don’t like their experiments. Who don’t like “labour reclamation projects” (zombie manual labour). So, they support the city. They support the new city council. They support the City Watch, so long as they stay out of their way.

New episode up next week!