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New Year, New Games

With completion of Builders! continuing apace, we felt it was time to update you on the three main projects we’re hoping to release over the course of the year. We’re aiming to expand our offerings, dipping our toes into RPGs and adding another board game to the mix to keep delivering the kind of games that we want to see in the world.

So, here’s the first information on them in no particular order.

Magical Knights

Our first cooperative game as a company, Magical Knights has the team playing a group of magical anime characters. They are tasked with defending their city from the evil Dark Knights, all while trying to the joys and challenges of being a teenager.


This is the second one, and Tyler’s baby. A meeting of Frostpunk, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and several other things he has been binging lately. The world has succumbed to global weirding and you’re stuck facing down a brutal winter is coming. Weather is constantly wearing on you, and you’re forced to balance conflicting needs to try to keep the most people alive.

After Ragnarok

For this one, it is in the name. Ragnarok has come, and you’re an Einherjar stuck in Valhalla. Search for the gods, find a way to survive, and continue to build your myth into eternity!