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Builders! is Scheduled!

That’s right! It is party time! Reviewer copies have been sent out into the world. As I type this they might be whooshing across the oceans and around the world. Or, more likely, they’re sitting in the post office. I don’t know how fast these things move.

All this means that the Kickstarter is on the way. We are launching on the important date of September 25th. That’s the date to put into your calendar.

Builders! is a deck-builder where you’re trying to build the tallest, and most valuable, skyscrapers in the city. Starting with your executive team, you’ll hire employees to do the actual building, or to tear down your opponent’s work if needed.

It plays 2-4 players and takes about 45 minutes to play. Taking cues from games like Star Realms, Ascension, and first-hand work as a tradesperson, it’s a competitive game where you’re in the running until the very last turn.

There are plenty of gags throughout the game, whether in the different Floors you can build for your towers, in the labourers you can hire to work for you, and more.

We’re going to give you some more sneak peeks at the game as we get closer, including a deep dive into the process that we used to design and make the game. The game design is done, the art is complete, and we’re just adjusting some things for the graphic design.

So, set your calendars and get ready to start building.