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That There Mailing List

You might have noticed that there’s a pop up on the website. One that directs you to signing up for a mailing list. We haven’t talked about this a lot yet, but our goal is for Broken Things to be a viable and ongoing project that can help us pay our bills. Part of that is building a mailing list. If you don’t like mailing lists, we totally get that.

The thing is, mailing lists are one of the best ways for us to gauge people who like our work, to let people know when we have new projects, and a bunch of other stuff. Basically the kind of thing that is required to run a creative studio.

If you want to keep hearing about our work, please consider signing up. We’re going to try to make sure there are promos, deals, and other special stuff available through the mailing list as we continue to grow. So, yeah, please consider it.