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In Inspire, you play a spirit. The kind of thing that may one day become a god. Those other people around the table with you? Maybe they’re going to end up being on the same pantheon as you. Someone needs to be at the top of this pecking order though. That’s what you’re going to…

Announcing Extra Credit Magic Knights

In case you missed it, our next game is already up on BGG! Builders is currently in its manufacturing run so I’m ecstatic to announce our next project. We should have some sneak peeks of in progress art and other pieces for you very soon! Extra Credit Magic Knights is a cooperative, medium-weight, game where…

Looking for Playtesters

We have a pile of games on the go/on the build, and we could use some additional eyes on these projects to give feedback and give us that all important feedback. We have a few things on the go, and we’re still looking at the best ways to give back to people who are helping…

No post today

Its a day of the year where you get news that isn’t real, and this year we’re opting out. Nothing against it, just didn’t have any good jokes. See everyone next week!

Banking, Freelancing, and Game Design

That’s what was on the docket this week. Creating bank accounts, sending money internationally, all that less than exciting jazz. The other part of running a business in the creative field. It was weird. Because of our relatively modest Kickstarter, the bank was already trying to loan us money. I know it is their business,…

On Kratoan City Blues

You might’ve noticed that we have a new podcast series up, this one an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons setting. It was from the originating point of sometimes the most interesting stuff going on in a particular world is to look at the ongoing challenges that exist for the day to day. Rather than the stereotypical…

Dice Pools in After Ragnarok

    One of the upcoming games we have in the works is After Ragnarok, in which players use and manipulate dice pools. From the upcoming quickstart rules: Ragnarok uses a dice-pool system where you will be assembling a set of dice based on the task you are attempting and checking the total against a…